XL Beaker

Yellow and Pink
5pcs Assorted
50pcs Assorted
100pcs Assorted
500pcs Assorted

True aficionados know that the best way to enjoy their floral passion is with a Rig, Spoon, pipe created from silicone. Since time immemorial, food grade silicone forged the squishy, flexible foundations of Empires.

Historical figures often extolled the virtues of a silicone pipe over inferior materials like glass and porcelain.

“Indestructible as the British empire” said Churchill in his most famous speech.

“More portable than my 1903 typewriter!” exclaimed Hemingway.

“La Silicone para La Revolucion!” Boomed Castro to his adoring crowds.

**every bong includes a downstem and glass flower bowl piece.**

optional quartz banger set available for low temp dabbing of wax

a glass of watera close up of a glass

Indestructible, Portable...Revolutionary. This piece may change your life. It has certainly changed history.

( 5.5" x 5" x 13.5" )