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What is Live Resin? Is BHO the same as Sauce?

Live resin sauce, better known as terp sauce or just “sauce,” is a new popular form of cannabis concentrate.  Live resin has been rising in popularity in recent years because of the strong aroma and flavor granted by a high terpene content. However, “sauce” is said to take terpene contents to another level.

There’s no better smell than popping the lid off of a mason jar filled with sauce. Is it worth the hype, though?  We’ll go over everything you need to know to become a sauce boss.

Live Resin Sauce

Most of the cannabis concentrate being called “sauce” is actually live resin sauce. It looks like crystals or diamonds, drenched in a darker liquid. The Diamonds are pure THC and the sauce is re-added terpenes. Full Spectrum Extracts Full spectrum extracts are a healthier way to get even more medicated. In fact, Extractioneering defines them as an extract containing the full range of potentially therapeutic biomolecules from the cannabis trichome without the non-therapeutic molecules (waxes, lipids, fats).

For a while, extract artists were focused on targeting individual cannabinoids like THC because it is the main medical component. However, research has shown cannabinoids work together with terpenes to create new medical benefits. That’s what sparked an interest in full spectrum extracts. Full spectrum extracts remove the unwanted waxes, lipids and fats, which can discomfort the throat and lungs. So they should be safer to smoke than your average slab of BHO. The traditional ways to remove unnecessary byproducts from wax are called De Waxing or Winterizing.

The makers of full spectrum extracts aim to preserve the entire scope of molecules available in the trichome without consuming anything extra. The trichome is where all the good stuff, like cannabinoids and terpenes, are found. The truth is there are two types of full spectrum extracts. One has a high terpene content, and the other has a high cannabinoid content. What you may have seen called “sauce” looks like a large crystals swimming in a darker liquid. That isn’t a full spectrum extract. Little chunks of bright white and yellow diamonds swimming in a pool of gold liquid or just the gold liquid are the only two consistencies of full spectrum extracts.

High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract (HCFSE) When it consists of small crystals the full spectrum extract is called High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract or HCFSE for short. HCFSE does not contain large crystal chunks. Large crystals are more typical in live resin sauces. THCa crystals don’t contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. However, the presence of crystals doesn’t make it a full spectrum. Extractioneering‘s website refers to it as “THCa in the form of crystals.” Isolated cannabinoids take on the form of isolated THCa sugars instead of a more waxy consistency.

Alone the crystals are neither sauce nor HCFSE. They’re High Cannabinoid Extracts or HCE. HCFSE is made up of much smaller crystals with a gold coating. For a concentrate to be considered HCFSE it must contain a THC/a percentage over 90 percent. There is also always a 25 percent or higher High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE) content to any sugars being called HCFSE. High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE) According to the doctor that coined the term full spectrum extracts, HTFSE can only be made with cured or dried material. However, many companies making sauce labeled as “full spectrum” claim to use freshly-frozen material like with live resin which has yet to be proven and may not be possible. Live resin sauce tends to be high in one or two monoterpenes but doesn’t contain as wide of an array of benefits as full spectrum extracts.

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract or HTFSE should form droplets. So if it’s stringy you’re probably dealing with live resin sauce. Real HTFSE should wig and wag as you pour it. While there is a smaller THC content in HTFSE than HCFSE it should still pack a punch. For a concentrate to be considered HTFSE it must have a 13 percent or higher terpene content. And there should be at least a 45-70 percent cannabinoid content. If you’re buying sauce, make sure you know what you’re getting. If it was made with live resin it is a High Terpene Extract (HTE) not HTFSE. HTE tends to have less than a 20 percent cannabinoid content. So keep an eye out for lab test results if you want to get high. Lab testing is the key to guaranteeing you’re not just being sold a jar of liquid terpenes.

You’re better off purchasing a bottle of e-liquid if all you’re getting is food-grade terpenes and barely any cannabinoids.

The terpene content of your sauce should be no more than 30 percent anyway. Otherwise, it’s overwhelming. Some of us find terpene levels “higher than 40 percent to be unpleasant and tipping the balance of natural chemistry.”

Why use Oil Slick PTFE and FEP for making Sauce?

Slick Sheet PTFE film, and Slick Clear FEP film, are both terpene proof, nonstick, and resistant to all polar, and non-polar solvents. If you are looking to Improve clarity of your extracts, reclaim more of your product, using a non-stick fluoropolymer instead of silicone is a great option. Whats the best packaging for Sauce or live resin? Most folks like a 6ml straight sided jar, with a silicone lid. Some refer the 7ml heavy bottom glass jar instead. Either way, both are very popular for recreational packaging and are available in child resistant sauce jars as well.

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