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April 02, 2019 2 min read

So you are loving that new silicone dab rig.  20 dabs later are wondering how to clean it right?  Ok here are the 3 fastest ways to clean that dirty bong.

1. Freezing

o ya, one of the unique properties of silicone is that it is heat AND cold proof.  Also Silicone is super flexible.  Throw your dirty Silicone into the freezer for a few hours, crush it up and dump out all the reclaim frozen bits and pieces.  Works GREAT for dabbers and about 90% for flower smokers.  will get rid of all the physical material but if you smoke flower, might still have a bit of that tar smell.

2) Alcohol

Alcohols is a POLAR solvent and silicone is non reactive to polar solvents.  you can fill the bong or rig with warm alcohol to accelerate the process but cold works just as well (takes a bit longer).  If you have a small silicone spoon or pipe I recommend you get one that has a GLASS bowl.  the bowl can be removed and both parts immersed for a few hours (or overnight) then rinse with water and you are golden.

3) Plant based cleaners.

Plant based cleaners like Slick Solution silicone cleaner are made primarily from Coconut Oil and Vitamin E (after some fancy chemistry to make them work as cleaners).  They work as well as alcohol without damaging septic or plumbing.  And they leave a pleasant coconut smell that doesnt migrate into the silicone or you next bowl full.

No matter HOW you clean that Silicone bong theres a few things that will always apply.  Frequent cleaning is better than once  a year, glass bowls are preferred for silicone pipes and the Hybrid Bongs (silicone plus glass inside chamber) are sometimes the very best of both worlds.

Hope that helps, check back here weekly for more tips and trick on silicone.