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March 29, 2019 2 min read

Looking for something new and different this 4/20? Want a dope gift for your favorite dabber or smoker? All month long we will be writing about the new new in silicone rigs. We have a dozen new designs to share and somebody has to test all these lets go!

Big theme this year is the glass/silicone hybrid. Lots of folks are looking for the ease of cleaning and clarity that they get with a glass bong, but also want the indestructible qualities that come with silicone.

Last year we changed smoking by creating silicone hand pipes with glass bowls. Now taking it to the next level with our Chamber of Secrets pipe. The C.O.S. Has a both a glass bowl AND a class center chamber so you get a seriously smooth hit in a really portable package. 

I took one to the beach, along with some GG4 picked up here in town at Satori (best shop in Washington state). I learned 3 things.

  • Its still a bit too cold for flip flops in Washington.

  • Bananas are the WORST beach food.

  • Chamber of Secrets cleans up easier than any silicone spoon I have cleaned.

Just a quick paper towel wipe and the entire center is like new. Kept the taste and flavor on point and I wasn’t worried about dropping it on the rocks.

Check it out



If you are looking for a splash proof dab rig or a bong that doesn’t leave water in your mouth, scope the Mt Baker.

Another glass/silicone hybrid; this one uses a conical glass body to keep the bubbles where they tha bong!

Like the soft powdery slopes of the real thing ; the Mt Baker has a supple blanket of silicone protection on its glassy peak. A great choice for a ski trip or any kind of trip tbh.

Like.. last week one of our warehouse staff tripped in the warehouse...and the bong was totally fine. Far out right!?


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Tomorrow...Creatures! A few of our silicone animal pipes you will go CRAZY for.